Actionable Feedback

Real-time feedback

Real-time feedback means high-quality feedback: Frequent, timely, specific and actionable. Your employees continuously know where they stand – not just once a year.

360-degree feedback

Get a more accurate picture of your employees’ performance through feedback from the people they interact with the most.


Real-Time Analytics


Insightful overviews

KPMG QuercusApp Performance enables you to easily identify strengths and areas of growth on a personal, team or role-level at a single glance. Use the data to build on strengths and targeted trainings on skills critical to your organization’s success.

Track development over time

Track personal or team development over time. Empower your employees and guide their development throughout the year in a transparent and data-driven approach.

Real-time 360-degree feedback & reviews made easy

Your advantages with KPMG QuercusApp Performance

Develop leaders effectively
Identify key talents at all levels and develop their leadership qualities
Identify skill gaps
Identify areas of growth on a personal, team or role-level on highly relevant competencies
Build on your strengths
Deploy and “foster” employees where their strengths lie
Focus on relevant competencies
Develop customized behaviors, values and skills critical to your organization’s success
Relieve your managers
Remove administrative burdens for performance appraisals from your managers by gathering relevant data all year
Give real-time feedback
Give timely feedback wherever you are using your desktop, mobile phone or tablet
Collect 360-degree feedback
Gather actionable feedback from the people your employees interact with the most
Get started quickly
Get up and running within days
Keep your data safe
No compromises here: State-of-the-art security for all your data