General questions

Does QuercusApp support other languages than English?

Absolutely. We can support almost any language upon request. We’d love to hear from you.

What is the implementation time frame?

Since QuercusApp is a cloud-based software, it is good to go almost immediately. Contact us now to get you started.


I’m an Administrator, what now?

As an Administrator, you have access to an additional section within the menu called “Admin” to manage your employees and company-specific settings.
“Manage People” allows you to invite or delete users, appoint other administrators, change the manager employees report to, etc.

How do I add users to QuercusApp?

If you have up to 20 users, it’s easiest if you simply invite them manually using our intuitive “Manage People” screen.
In case you want to integrate more users, we suggest sending us an Excel file with the staff data, and we’ll take care of the user import – free of charge.

How do I update the reporting structure when an employee switches teams?

Simply go to our “Manage People” tab within the administration page, select the user and edit the manager the employee is reporting to.

How can I add or appoint an administrator?

You can provide administrative rights to an employee within the “Manage People” tab through one simple click.

How do I set a manager for a user?

The “Manage People” tab within the administration page makes it very easy to select the right manager for the respective employees.


Can we invite external reviewers such as clients to provide feedback?

Not at this point. Our application is geared towards peer coaching within an organization and the associated acceleration in an employee’s development.


Is my data secure?

Yes. We plan the software very carefully to make sure that no data is available to unauthorised parties. The database never leaves the data centers and every database access is strictly “per client” only. We encrypt all passwords and enforce the usage of SSL (https) to access our system.
The hosting of the application and the database is in Switzerland by Nine Internet Solutions AG on ISO 27001 certified Managed-Servers.

What about back-ups?

We perform a daily back-up of your data and guarantee secure and uncomplicated recovery.


How can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile through the “Profile Settings” menu by clicking “My Profile” in the navigation bar.


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