QuercusApp story

As millennials who have worked in various corporations for years, we know first-hand that today’s leaders struggle to create a learning environment for sustainable development. It is our strong conviction that employees’ performance across the world and various industries could improve dramatically through increased feedback in the workplace. The current feedback loop through traditional performance reviews is way too long in an ever-changing world where people demand constant feedback to improve and develop the skills necessary to succeed. We developed QuercusApp to encourage employees and companies to actively seek and give regular feedback – in order to improve as individuals and as a company.


The people behind QuercusApp

Our team is working hard to make products people love to use. Lifelong.

Lucien Brahier


Lucien likes marathon book-reading sessions and he also enjoys a good party or a relaxing evening out with friends.
He looks after more or less any aspect of QuercusApp besides coding.

Mischa Riedo


Mischa is an avid reader and traveler. If you want to become his best friend, simply offer him delicious food.
He is the guy on our team that loves to hear his own voice all day long.

Andrei Bucin


Andrei likes travelling, hiking, photography and has recently rekindled his passion for miniature woodwork.
He looks after the front end development of QuercusApp.

Calin Toderas


Calin performs martial arts, loves the sound of sports cars, traveling and visiting new places.
He’s part of our front end team.

George Dadulescu


George likes travelling, reading and almost anything related to new technologies. Unsurprisingly, he is also a big fan of smart home devices.
He looks after the back end development of QuercusApp.

Alin Ungurusan


Alin is an outgoing guy that likes spending time with his friends. No matter whether that’s by going out, having movie marathons or playing board games.
He is part of our quality assurance team.

Ionut Stoian


Ionut is an avid sports fan who is always open for a challenge to compete against anyone. He also enjoys taking trips to beautiful places, especially if there’s tasty food involved.
He’s part of our back end team.

Marius Oprea


Marius loves to spend time out with mother nature, snowboarding, riding his bicycle before settling down on his couch and watching the latest blockbuster.
He looks after the front end development of QuercusApp.